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About Us

If you do not already have a Board of Advisors, your company will require one to achieve its full potential.  If you have a Board or a group of Advisors and progress has been slow or inconsistent, it is likely time to make a change. 

Integral Board Group is a high-impact, fully engaged and for-hire Board Service Provider (BSP) dedicated to your company's success and growth.  Our Board of Advisors team is fully built, has a long history of working together and our 'Board as a Service' (BaaS) engagement model ties us to your company's performance.

As your company competes and grows, regardless of whether or not you are backed by investment capital, it is essential to formalize a Board of Advisors.  Our Board quickly infuses crucial corporate guidance, expert industry knowledge, open access to established networks and deep executive experience into your business.

Experience how partnering with us will establish your business, stabilize performance and supercharge your output.  Set up an appointment to speak with one of our experienced Board members today.

Our Focus

Board of Advisors Services

Through our 'Board as a Service' (BaaS) alignment with you and your business, we help your company develop its strategic roadmap, recognize & remove impediments to growth and provide the continuous guidance and network necessary to scale efficiently. It is never too early or too late to engage a Board of Advisors. An effective Board can add tremendous value at any stage of a company's lifecycle and assist to efficiently 'power through' the more difficult phases. Integral Board Group delivers meaningful value to your business through............ read more

Opening Up Our Network to You

In addition to internal experience and expertise, our Board has also built an incredible external network over the course of successful professional careers and frequently leverages these connections for your benefit. This unparalleled combination opens access to resources in finance, investment capital, technology, legal, human resources, real estate, construction, sales, marketing, retail, product, manufacturing, operations, leadership.. read more

Courses and Webinars

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Our Markets

Mid-Size & Large Businesses

Is your firm making the progress you expect?  Are you getting valuable strategic guidance?  Are you struggling with sub-par advisors or a dysfunctional board that is out of touch?  Our experienced Board invigorates the strategic potential of your company.

small businesses

Prepare your business for the multiple upcoming stages in its professional evolution.  Immediately increase success and growth potential by leveraging our experienced and dedicated Board of Advisors.

start-Ups / establishing a new region

If you are starting a new business, an existing company setting up in a new region or expanding your business into the U.S. from abroad, leverage our experience to do it correctly and efficiently.

Think you can't afford a board?

Think again....... Our engagement plans are a match for companies at any stage of growth.  See how our flexible plans exactly fit your business putting this critical business essential within reach.