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In the business world, we live and thrive through our experience, training and ethics – and of course, our network of associates. So it is with excitement that we welcome Mr. Mark A. Pfister and his Speaking, Lecture & Course Series to our educational curriculum. Mark is one of America’s top entrepreneurs and business strategists. He has coached start-up entrepreneurs as well as Fortune 50 C-Level Executives and their Board Directors. Under his leadership, his companies have experienced double & triple-digit growth and the companies he consults have experienced operational excellence. Mark is credited with inventing a new industry, the ‘Board as a Service’ (BaaS), and launched the first company in the world operating within this structure. Join Mark in his no-nonsense Speaking, Lectures & Courses to learn the secrets that can help propel your company and career to the next level.


National Speaking Tours:


Lecture & Workshop:  Learn the proven and effective steps to plan and implement your Board Director strategy. Experience how these achievable & focused efforts help you convey the expertise and confidence needed for serious Board Director / Board Advisor consideration. Many executives, business owners and leaders have dreams of one day joining a Board, but they are often not considered due to lack of knowledge in the disciplines of Board Directorship. ‘Becoming an Exceptional Board Director Candidate’ shows potential candidates that a formula does indeed exist to increase your chances of Board selection and also raise your chances of success once appointed. Attendees will leave the presentation with newfound knowledge of how to create a viable Board Candidate Strategy and will feel empowered by the step-by-step roadmap to successfully get invited into the Boardroom. Book your speaking engagement here.


Lecture & Workshop:  Learn the proven and effective steps to plan and build your high-performance Board of Directors or Board of Advisors within your company. Experience how these achievable and focused efforts will help your company thrive and reach its full potential. Most CEOs, business owners and leaders are capable of driving their companies to a certain level, but often become limited by lack of strategy and gaps in long-term planning. ‘Building an Effective Board For Your Company’ shows business owners and leaders the immense value of creating an experienced ‘go-to’ team. Attendees will leave the presentation with newfound knowledge of the importance of creating a Board at any stage of business growth and will feel empowered by the step-by-step roadmap to successfully plan and build their Board. Book your speaking engagement here.


Lecture & Workshop:  Learn the history and evolution of Strategy and why it is so relevant to you personally as well as for your business. Build and leverage your own strategy to see how these focused efforts will help you thrive and reach your full potential. Whether you are an experienced CEO or just starting your career, understanding the basics of Strategy is a ‘must-have’ skillset to set you apart and ensure your success. Most professionals are capable of driving their planning to a certain level, but most have missed the foundational step of first creating an integrated Strategy. Planning without a Strategy is like building a house without a foundation - ‘The Strategy of Strategy’ shares with business owners, leaders and professionals the immense value of focusing on Strategy and making it ‘second nature’ in all of your important endeavors. Attendees will leave the presentation with newfound knowledge of the history of Strategy, the importance of embracing changes in Strategy and will feel empowered to further pursue and master the discipline. Book your speaking engagement here. See a short video of the lecture here.



Course & Certification:  Make this year "The Year of You!" Learn the 10 achievable steps for starting your successful company from entrepreneur and strategist, Mark A. Pfister. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur with the next big idea, looking to create additional revenue streams for yourself or a company executive/employee ready to make a change, follow Mark's proven steps to startup success. Join Mark with his no-nonsense approach as he teaches you everything you need to start your own business. The time has come to unleash your inner-entrepreneur! Join Mark with his no-nonsense approach as he discusses everything you need to start your own business - including downloadable templates you can use to start and complete the process. The time has come to unleash your inner-entrepreneur!

This is an on-demand course - start immediately and progress at your own pace! Upon course completion, automatically post your Certified Startup Entrepreneur - Level 1 (CSE-L1) credential to your Linkedin profile and show the world you have what it takes to successfully start and run your own business! Register here.


Upcoming Speaking, Lectures & Courses:

  • Date To Be Announced:  'So You've Formed Your Company - What's Next?' You have formed your company and feel ready to get out there to show your clients what you are capable of... or you are simply looking to get clients.  Where do you start?  How do you know what's important?  Mark will show you how to build your strategic company plan and what's truly important to your business. Most new business owners think the hardest part is forming the business entity.  This is simply not the case, that is the easy part.  The harder part, or as Mark likes to put it, the part requiring proper strategy, comes next. Don't become a start-up failure statistic!  Registration to open soon.
  • Date To Be Announced:  'Become a Sales Pro with Inbound Marketing' Stop spinning your wheels with outdated 'outbound marketing' strategies that waste time and money. Join Mark A. Pfister with digital marketing experts Dave Cumings and Ross Lauder for an overview of unbelievably effective and efficient 'inbound marketing' strategies. Learn strategies and tools, such as Inkybee, that enable you to create a valuable, continuously updating view of your businesses’ sectors, plus the granular, detailed analysis for specific influencer marketing or blogger outreach campaigns. Registration to open soon.
  • Date To Be Announced:  'Creating Your Company's Innovative Name' Your company name is more important than you think. It could be the difference between weak recognition or an running start. Think its easy to come up with a compelling name? Without a plan, the answer is no. Whether you are starting a new business or rebranding an existing company, follow the proven roadmap to launch an innovative company name. Registration to open soon.
  • Date To Be Announced:  '5 Steps to Building Your Professional Identity' Yes, you need your own professional identity. Your own personal brand. In order to stand out in today's competitive workplace, what makes you valuable to employers, clients or investors? The answer is how you have packaged yourself and highlighted your differentiators. Learn the secrets which make marketing yourself super easy. Registration to open soon.
  • Date To Be Announced:  ‘Data Breach Prevention' Certain nights you are losing sleep… You know your network and data are at risk. Maybe you missed a few software patches or you have intermittent technology support personnel within your environment with less than ideal focus on your business. So, where do you focus your technology efforts and budget for the biggest risk reductions? Join our panel discussion to find out.  Registration to open soon.
  • Date To Be Announced:  ‘Properly Preparing Your Data Breach Response' Your company was hacked! Your customers have become nervous and skeptical of your company’s ability to protect their information. Your employees are worried about exposure of their personal information. Where do you start? How long has someone had access to your information? Yes, these can be overwhelming thoughts, but there are proven first-response actions that can make a huge positive impact. Your initial reaction and focus are paramount and will affect the perception of your company for years to come. Learn the steps and have a plan – your company’s livelihood could depend on it. Registration to open soon.

Check back on this link soon for an updated schedule of Lectures, Courses & Speaking  www.integralbg.com/webinars

What makes Mark A. Pfister a foremost expect on these topics? See for yourself here.