Integral Board Group Signs Letter of Intent to Serve as Board Advisor to Rocketstar

AUG 23, 2016


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Board Service Provider (BSP) To Assist Bringing Reusable Space Rocket Engines to Market


August 23, 2016, NEW YORK, NEW YORK:  Integral Board Group, LLC and Rocketstar, LLC have signed a Letter of Intent for Integral to provide Board of Advisor services to Rocketstar.  Integral Board Group will collaborate with Rocketstar to provide governance, strategic planning and board oversight to all of Rocketstar’s endeavors.

RocketStar is bringing to market a next generation Aerospike Rocket Engine, which is intended to further commercialize space travel.  The design and development of the Aerospike Rocket Engine has been under the direction and leadership of Christopher Craddock, Founder and CEO of Rocketstar with collaboration and research from Stonybrook University.  The vision of Rocketstar is that the Aerospike Rocket Engine will do for space travel what the jet engine did for the air travel industry.  Rocketstar has developed an environmentally reusable resource that will launch an engine into space and back saving millions of dollars in vehicle production.

Christopher Craddock extolls, “I’m delighted to choose Integral Board Group as our Board Service Provider (BSP).  The expertise of Integral’s Advisory Board, including the disciplines of technology, legal, finance, operations, marketing and revenue generation, gives us scientists the comfort of knowing we have strategic guidance so we can focus on our mission:  creating low cost, reliable transport that can get you anywhere in the world in 20 minutes.  This new model of Board as a Service (BaaS) is tremendously beneficial to us in our quest.  Carpe Astra!”


Mark A. Pfister, Chairman and CEO of Integral states, “We can’t think of a more dynamic endeavor than Rocketstar in which to be involved.  To be associated with such a revolutionary shift in modernizing space travel is thrilling.  We’re looking forward to working together with Rocketstar to bring its vision forward.” 

ABOUT INTEGRAL BOARD GROUP:  Integral is a Board Service Provider (BSP) specializing in performance-based, board advisory services for small to mid-market companies in all verticals.  Benefits of a Board as a Service (BaaS) include a single entity, accountable as a team that provides cohesive governance, and is specifically tied to a company’s performance.  Integral improves business performance by providing seasoned advice in the areas that every business will face during all phases of its growth cycle.

ABOUT ROCKETSTAR:  Rocketstar’s mission is creating technology that will turn the rocket industry into the airline industry by providing low-cost, reliable transport that can get you anywhere in the world in 20 minutes.   Specializing in hyper-sonic space travel, Rocketstar develops and designs Aerospike Rocket Engines resulting in no loss of thrust at launch and 40% weight savings.  Their new model of aerospace rocket engines account for changes in pressure when altitude changes, resulting in engine reusability.  The Aerospike Engines are 3-D printed and made from Titanium.

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