Discovery and Conquest - Giving Is Good!

OCT 10, 2016

Heidi J. Diamond, CMO Integral Board Group

In fourteen hundred ninety two,
Columbus sailed the ocean blue
And found this land, land of the free,
Beloved by you, beloved by me.

This is an excerpt of a poem created in 1919 and credited to a 17 year old intellectual prodigy named Winifred Sackville Stoner Jr. Her poem’s rhythms were a great way of teaching us of Columbus and his arrival and discovery of land in the Bahamas way back in elementary school. It seems only fitting to focus on that geography as first found by the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria as we watch with fright at what havoc Mother Nature is wielding on the Bahamas, Haiti, Cuba and now moving up the coast from Florida into South Carolina. As of this writing the death toll continues to mount with over 500 deaths reported in already beleaguered Haiti. Flights are halted to Florida, evacuations mandated in many communities, and weather models are predicting a looping effect.

And yet newspapers, radio, television and websites, while reporting on the tragedies, are keeping the lights on and paying the bills thanks to the bevy of ads touting great discounts during the Columbus Day sales. And while a good bargain is hard to pass up, perhaps it’s fitting instead to focus on the importance of social responsibility and why companies and individuals alike could heed the notion of “doing good.” 

Social responsibility is the notion that businesses should balance profit-making activities with activities that benefit society. There is a theory espoused that the relationship to society and environments which businesses operate is a critical factor in their ability to operate effectively. Increasingly, business social responsibility efforts are being evaluated as a measure of the company’s overall performance.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been made an integral part of many business models. And these acts (or lack thereof) have increasingly become investment criterion. As companies deploy CSR efforts within their organizations they’re further bolstering their reputations, boosting internal morale, and providing assistance where need is greatest.

By all means, take advantage of those department stores’ deep discounts being offered.  But think, too, about what your organization, or you as an individual, can do to help. Not just only during times of crisis but embedded into the company’s culture so that the conquest always breeds success.

Here’s how you can get involved to help those impacted by Hurricane Matthew:

International Red Cross: Over 3,000 volunteers and staff of the Red Cross in Haiti have been mobilized to aid communities in the path of powerful Hurricane Matthew and are prepared to deliver first aid and other medical care, clean water and sanitation and shelter assistance. Donate here. 

The American Red Cross was getting ready for a massive multi-state response to the hurricane. More than 500 disaster workers and 90 response vehicles are standing by in Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, the Red Cross said. Donate here or donate $1

Volunteer Florida has established a volunteer registration link for those interested in assisting Floridians after Hurricane Matthew. Register here to volunteer.

Food For The Poor: The international relief and development organization expects to eventually send nearly two million pounds of rice to alleviate the food scarcity issues which Hurricane Matthew is going to cause. Donate here. 

The Salvation Army is mobilizing resources and personnel to assist with the international relief effort in Haiti and Jamaica. Donate here. 

UNICEF: The United Nations Children's Fund is dedicated to helping children. Donate here to support

Save the Children is helping children and families with emergency assistance. Donate here.

CARE plans to provide clean drinking water, food assistance and emergency supplies such as tarps for shelter, blankets and hygiene kits, according to a press release. Donate here. 

Catholic Relief Services is ready to move personnel, and transport and deliver relief items to Haiti. Donate here.  (Source: List compiled by:


Heidi Diamond, is a Board Member of Integral Board Group.  Integral Board Group (IBG) is a Board Service Provider (BSP) specializing in performance-based, board advisory services for small to mid-market companies in all verticals.  Benefits of a Board as a Service (BaaS) include a single entity, accountable as a team that provides cohesive governance, and is specifically tied to a company’s performance.  Integral improves business performance by providing seasoned advice in the areas that every business will face during all phases of its growth cycle.


Photo credit: By NASA - NASA Worldview (image download), Public Domain,