People, Planning, Profitability and Pumpkins

OCT 21, 2016

by Heidi J. Diamond, CMO Integral Board Group

Despite the 80 degree temperatures in the east this week, we are in the throes of Autumn and the designated time of year that signifies the maturity of crops leading to the harvest. Autumn actually is defined as a period of maturity leading to decline.

The harvest represents the gathering of ripe crops and marks the end of the growing season - is this seasonal cycle also apparent in your business? And, if so, what are the best practices to be insuring are in place so as to insure continued growth?

Here are several things to think about as the holidays draw near (can you believe there are already television commercials on the air for not only Thanksgiving deals, but Christmas initiatives as well!!).

  • You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown

The perennial television special will surely be on television in the next week or so, and no doubt my six-year-old identical twin nieces will be glued to the tube. It’s a fitting metaphor for assessing not just your own leadership performance but those of the executive management team. And also for identifying whether or not the team is working as a cohesive unit and if not, what needs to be looked at internally to fix whatever is missing. Same assessment that Charlie Brown asked his friends, Linus, Patty and Schroeder, to make of him, can you really say you are a good man or good woman? And are those on your team good men and good women?

  • HO HO (Hands On, Hands On)

Seems now is the ideal time to get out of the office and hear what your customers are saying. Are you meeting their needs and wants, and if not, what do you need to do to insure that you are surprising and delighting them? The insights you uncover will help you and your team to devise new strategies to put into place.

  • Don’t Wait, Innovate

Can something grow forever?  There’s something called the S curve that’s an ideal practice to measure and plan for your growth.  Determine if your current strategies need a change and insure you have new efforts ready to be put into place.

  • Quality Wins

Just because everyone else is adapting to some newfangled bell or whistle doesn’t mean it’s ideal for your business.  Stay true to your core focus.  Insure that opportunities align with what you want your company to be and only pursue if it makes sense in the context of your company’s identity, culture, vision and values.

Here’s hoping your company is rich in its harvest this season and primed for the year ahead. Plan for people, plan for progress and by all means plan for profitability. And don’t forget the pumpkin pie!


Heidi Diamond, is a Board Member of Integral Board Group. Integral Board Group (IBG) is a Board Service Provider (BSP) specializing in performance-based, board advisory services for small to mid-market companies in all verticals. Benefits of a Board as a Service (BaaS) include a single entity, accountable as a team, that provides cohesive governance and is specifically tied to a company’s performance. Integral improves business performance by providing seasoned advice in the areas that every business will face during all phases of its growth cycle.


Picture Credit: By Virginia State Parks (DSC_8732) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons