Are Your Advisors Truly Advising?

APR 8, 2014


Are Your Advisors Truly Advising?

Why The Right Board Of Advisors Really Matters

When you were younger your parents likely emphatically stated "you are who you surround yourself with."  They were undoubtedly making a reference to your friends at the time, however, they were right in more ways than one.  This lesson remains true in one's personal life as well as professional life to this day.  Have you heeded and applied this simple advice?

Yes, surrounding yourself with the right Advisors could make your parents proud... but more importantly the right Advisors are likely what your business is lacking to effectively grow and compete.  Can you confidently state that your company possesses:

✔ An Expert Sounding Board for you and your senior managers helping to set and evaluate your company's main strategic goals and challenges?

✔ A Focused Forum for problem solving and management guidance?

✔ An Expert Source of critical market and operational expertise?

✔ Resources for Identifying and guiding the recruiting and onboarding of top managerial talent?

✔ An Outlet for Networking with leaders who can help your company succeed?

At Integral Board Group we believe that these focus areas are critical to a company's success.  We also believe that to do this properly we must provide a cohesive and complete Board of Advisors possessing expertise across Finance, Investment, Technology, Legal, Human resources, Real estate, Construction, Sales, Marketing, Retail, Product and Manufacturing.  This is what we have created for you to leverage.

Be wary of groups that provide 'board staffing as needed' or 'membership' for access to part-time Board Advisors.  These models provide little benefit to you or your company as they are not tied to performance.  Our Board of Advisors team is fully built, has deep experience working together and our engagement model ties us to your company's performance.

In addition to internal experience and expertise, our Board members have also built an incredible external network over the course of successful professional careers and frequently leverage these connections for your benefit.  Read more...


Expert Panel Discussion

Join Integral Board Group's Chairman & CEO, Mark A. Pfister, as he
participates as a Panel Speaker among other CEOs on April 21st for

"LAUNCHTALKS: Growth Companies - What Does It Take to Launch A New Brand?"

to discuss what is involved to successfully bring new products to market, how
to grow a brand and the role of innovation in making new products successful.

Who We Are

Integral Board Group is a high-impact, fully engaged and for-hire Board of Advisors dedicated to your company's success and growth.  We partner with companies of all sizes (startups, small, medium, large) in a way that directly ties us to your company and your vision for its growth and success.  As your company competes and grows, regardless of whether or not you are backed by investment capital, it is essential to formalize a cohesive Board of Advisors.  Our Board, a team already built with the holistic expertise you require, quickly infuses crucial corporate guidance, expert industry knowledge, open access to established networks and deep executive experience into your business.  Experience how partnering with us will establish your business, stabilize performance and invigorate your output.



April 2014 Board Member and Board Advisor Meeting
Our Team

We have constructed our (your) Board of Advisors with industry-leading, dedicated and experienced pro- fessionals who add incredible value to your organization. Companies that surround themselves with our talented Board experience progress that they did not know was achievable.  Set up an appointment to speak with one of our experienced Board Members today.




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