Creating Your Board Pitch Book

FEB 28, 2018

Representing Your Board's Brand to Attract Top Talent

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Representing your Board’s ‘brand,’ through the practice of creating a ‘Board Pitch Book,’ is invaluable in the process of attracting excellent Board Directors to your organization. A Board Pitch Book is a presentation that lays out the fundamentals of your Board – and typically creates a Board candidate’s first impression of a to-be-built Board or in-place, existing Board of Directors. A properly constructed Pitch Book creates a formal channel for introducing your Board architecture and processes to potential candidates and can be leveraged by private, public and nonprofit organizations alike.

You need excellent content and the proper format in your Board Pitch Book, however, to truly make a great first impression. Consider including the following content areas to illustrate the seriousness and wide-ranging future possibilities of your Board:

  • Company Values, Vision & Mission
  • Company Credo
  • Company industry and more specifically, industry vertical
  • Company differentiators
  • Strategy & Governance considerations
  • Current company Phase of Growth
  • Sphere of Influence model
  • Planes of Congruence model
  • Board Coverage and Balance
  • Board Committee Structure for current phase of growth (including where the potential Board candidate fits)
  • Expectations of Board Member time commitment and yearly schedule outline
  • High-level view of company financials and trending
  • How the Board structure will support individual Board Member success
  • Board Member / Board Advisor compensation model
  • Insurance coverage for the Board and Board Members
  • Onboarding process and expectations

Initiate your Board Pitch Book with your company’s Values, Vision & Mission. To restate from numerous previous articles, I have found that effective and viable Board Members are attracted to companies with meaningful values, a strong vision statement and a resonating mission... and once a candidate is in place on the Board, these same Board Members become the guides and governance leaders of these important facets of all companies.

It is also valuable to show both positive and negative company attributes at their current stage in the Board Pitch Book. Yes, the positive attributes will most definitely resonate with potential Board Director candidates, but many Board candidates will also be attracted to companies facing challenges or experiencing somewhat negative results, thus allowing them to apply their expertise to achieve a sense of accomplishment. Additionally, the early honesty and transparency will be greatly appreciated.

In your search, know that the quest for experienced and effective leadership is getting harder... and it is not only the executive search and placement companies taking notice. Companies of all sizes are increasingly finding it difficult to successfully fill their vacant Board and C-Level positions. The 'officer-ready' talent pool is evaporating.

Whether you are part of a public, private or nonprofit Board, put the effort into your Board Pitch Book and don’t be fearful of approaching highly skilled individuals directly. You may be surprised by their response. Even if the answer is no, they will definitely remember you in a highly positive light simply based on your efforts and approach. You will hear from them again – the Board circle is very small and relational.

What will you consider in your Board Pitch Book?

Reach out directly to Mark A. Pfister to discuss creating your Board's ideal Pitch Book.


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