How Does a Proper Board Benefit the Investment Community?

MAY 13, 2014


How Does a Proper Board Benefit
the Investment Community?


Integral Board Group Elevates The Success of Private Equity,
Venture Capital and Angel Investment Portfolios

At Integral Board Group, we believe that an individual company as well as a portfolio’s success is dependent on strong leadership, deep experience and established connections.  When these crucial focus areas come together cohesively, the benefits to a company are immense.
Integral Board Group is a high-impact, fully engaged and for-hire Board of Advisors dedicated to your company's success and growth.  We also increase the Investment Community’s percentage of success across entire portfolios.  Our Board of Advisors team is fully built, has a long history of working together and our engagement model ties us to an overall portfolio's performance.
Integral Board Group provides value-add throughout the investment lifecycle for Private Equity, Venture Capital and Angel Investment.  Benefits of engaging a cohesive Board of Advisors within the Investment Community include:
✔ Allows for a consistent and efficient engagement and governance process across entire portfolios
✔ Eliminates the need for individual Advisor or Board Member searches and placements for each acquisition or investment
✔ Depth of knowledge and bandwidth allows for immediate focus on correcting operational problems while simultaneously focusing on building and implementing strategic plans
✔ Resident knowledge and expertise needed for any stage of a company’s growth:  finance & investment, technology, legal, human resources, real estate, construction, sales, marketing, retail, product and manufacturing
✔ Ability to position client companies for capital infusions creating a two-way relationship with the investment community
✔ Identifying investment opportunities and sourcing deals in an increasingly oversubscribed and regulated marketplace
✔ Representing investor’s interest in portfolio companies across multiple investment strategies
✔ Accelerating exit strategies and timelines through increased profitability and accelerated growth

Don't just aim for 30%, 40% or 50% of your portfolio to be successful - go for 100%.  Engage our Board of Advisors across your portfolio of investments and see how our expertise and experience can increase your success.

Business Radio Interview

Listen to Integral Board Group's Chairman & CEO, Mark A. Pfister, as he
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to discuss why a cohesive Board of Advisors is so
important for growing companies.


Who We Are

Integral Board Group is a high-impact, fully engaged and for-hire Board of Advisors dedicated to your company's success and growth.  We partner with companies of all sizes (startups, small, medium, large) in a way that directly ties us to your company and your vision for its growth and success.  As your company competes and grows, regardless of whether or not you are backed by investment capital, it is essential to formalize a cohesive Board of Advisors.  Our Board, a team already built with the holistic expertise you require, quickly infuses crucial corporate guidance, expert industry knowledge, open access to established networks and deep executive experience into your business.  Experience how partnering with us will establish your business, stabilize performance and invigorate your output.


Board Members (left to right): Paul J. Meissner, President; Heike M. Vogel, General Counsel; Mark A. Pfister, Chairman & CEO
Our Team

We have constructed our (your) Board of Advisors with industry-leading, dedicated and experienced professionals who add incredible value to your organization. Companies that surround themselves with our talented Board experience progress that they did not know was achievable.  Set up an appointment to speak with one of our experienced Board Members today.
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