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Wesley L. Stanton

Board Advisor, Real Estate Expert

Mr. Wesley L. Stanton is a Real Estate Expert of Integral Board Group and a founding partner of the Stanton Hoch Group.  Mr. Stanton has successfully guided thousands of residential real estate transactions over his career.  His team ranks in the top 1% of all real estate brokers in Manhattan and Brooklyn, working with individual buyers/owners of property as well as consulting with developers on their residential holdings, development projects and marketing efforts.  Mr. Stanton is also President of WesRich Associates, LLC, a Manhattan-based residential development company as well as co-founder and president of Resify.com, a startup web company committed to providing better insight and decision-making power through proper aggregation and translation of publicly available data.  Prior to real estate, he worked on the institutional trading desks of ING Barings and ABN Ambro and has also served as a principle consultant and Vice President of ROI Group Inc. providing strategic development, investment banking and mergers and acquisitions work for small-cap public companies.  Mr. Stanton holds a B.A. in Finance from Lehigh University.