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Dr. Solange Charas

Board Advisor, Human Resources

Dr. Solange Charas is a Human Resources expert at Integral Board Group and is also President of Charas Consulting, Inc., a consulting firm providing advisory services to Boards and C-Suite Executives on optimizing the return on investment in Human Capital programs.  Dr. Charas currently serves on the Board of Able Energy, a public company, where she is the Chair of the Remuneration Committee, 3 private for-profit organizations and on the non-profit board of the Thirty Percent Coalition. She has deep experience in all areas of HR, specializing in human capital metrics, using proprietary evidence-based tools.  She has also participated in over 50 successful M&A transactions.  Dr. Charas’ Ph.D. research focused on new approaches to select, develop and manage passionate high-performing interdisciplinary teams at the Board and C-suite level, and measure their impact on corporate financial performance.  She was the Chief HR Officer at Praetorian Financial Services Group (acquired by QBE), Benfield (acquired by Aon), and Havas Advertising and held various senior level client-serving positions at Towers Watson, Ernst & Young, and Arthur Andersen providing executive remuneration consulting services. Dr. Charas has a BA from UC Berkeley, an MBA from Cornell University, and a Ph.D. in Management from Case Western Reserve University.  Dr. Charas has been published in various professional and academic venues including Harvard Business Review, The Conference Board’s Director Notes, The Corporate Board Magazine and the International Journal of Disclosure and Governance.  She has also appeared on Bloomberg for Small Business.