About Us

Focused on What is Important to you

If you do not already have a Board of Advisors, your company will require one to achieve its full potential.  If you have a Board or a group of Advisors and progress has been slow or inconsistent, it is likely time to make a change. 

Integral Board Group is a high-impact, fully engaged and for-hire Board of Advisors dedicated to your company's success and growth.  We partner with you in a way that directly ties us to your company and your vision for its growth and success.

Our clients immediately realize the benefits of our involvement in their strategic operations.  Our partnership with you:

✔ Offers full strategic industry coverage of all commonly required expertise areas that companies require for successful growth and expansion including: leadership, operations, finance, investment capital, technology, legal, human resources, real estate, construction, sales, marketing, retail, product and manufacturing among many others
✔ Allows for external viewpoints and current industry experience to be instantly infused into your organization
✔ Opens a lifetime of professional contacts and networking to your company
Limits cash flow risks as well as long term monetary exposure
✔ Creates long-term business roadmaps and fosters strategic planning
✔ Allows entities to eliminate the ‘go-it-alone’ fears that frequently limit business success
✔ Motivates and reinvigorates businesses to reach the next level once they realize it is real and achievable
✔ Opens investment channel opportunities through financial alignments

As your company competes and grows, regardless of whether or not you are backed by investment capital, it is essential to formalize a Board of Advisors.  Our Board of Advisors instantly infuses crucial corporate guidance, expert industry knowledge, open access to established networks and deep executive experience into your business.

Experience how partnering with us will establish your business, stabilize performance and supercharge your output.  Set up an appointment to speak to one of our experienced Board members today.

How We Engage & partner with you

Our unique and holistic 'Board as a Service' (BaaS) engagement approach ensures the success of your company without putting financial stress on your business.

Throughout all of our engagement options we pride ourselves on our cohesive approach, ethical decisioning and strong dedication.  We truly realize that we must bring comfort by proving our understanding of your business needs and showing unwavering loyalty to your company's collective goals.

Our flexible engagement plans allow for this close partnering and infusion of intellectual capital into your environment.

What we are......

Our engagement in your business through partnership has a long-term focus:
✔ We want to help you build a solid, lasting foundation for your company.
✔ We want to help you avoid the missteps and pitfalls that cause setbacks and stagnation within most companies.
✔ We want you to gain from our experience at all levels and phases of your business.
✔ If you are interested in private equity or investment capital to grow your business, let us show you how to carefully and successfully do so.
✔ We want to help you with your manufacturing decisions and bring a product to market.
✔ We want to help you land new clients and strategically assist with the sales process.
✔ Have dreams of taking your company public?  Leverage us to guide your IPO.

We effectively become 'your trusted Advisory Board.'

...and what we are not

On the other hand, it is very easy in today's business environment for a company to be led astray at any phase of its growth cycle.  There are countless schemes employed by outside entities to make quick profits with little regard for a company's foundational objective nor the needs of its leaders, employees and associates.

- We are NOT 'sharks' circling around your business trying to grab a piece of it for short-term gains.
- We are NOT interested in gaining a controlling share of businesses we partner with.
- We are NOT Venture Capitalists searching for companies to invest in and sell to make a quick profit. 

Our goal is to strategically guide you on your path while simultaneously leveraging the incredible knowledge, relationships and network we have to offer.

It is never too early or too late to engage a Board of Advisors. An effective Board can add tremendous value at any stage of a company's lifecycle and assist to efficiently 'power through' the more difficult phases. Integral Board Group delivers meaningful value to your business.  Let us help you drive success and maximize return on your investment.