Clients & Partners

Our Clients

Integral Board Group holds a unique and groundbreaking position in the professional advisory field and has pioneered many of the concepts utilized to strategically guide your business.  Our reputation of combining original ideas, ingenious solutions and innovative strategies is leveraged by companies in all industries and verticals.  Our understanding that we are an extension of your business as well as a partner allows us to seamlessly integrate into your environment.

Integral Board Group does not disclose its client list and goes to great lengths to protect the privacy of our clients. See our privacy & confidentiality policy.

Our partners

Integral Board Group's Board Members have worked with thousands of vendors, consultants and experts across countless industries.  We know which vendors and consultants work well and we know which ones do not.  This is another powerful outlet for your business to prevent false starts and budget-depleting failures on strategic projects within your organization.

Our unparalleled network of relationships and connections opens access to resources in just about every industry and vertical that would be of benefit to you and your business.