Corporate Social Responsibility

It is better to give than to receive

Our Board members work closely with several charitable organizations all with unique focus and missions.  We donate time, money and services as well as provide expertise and guidance.  Charitable involvement by our Board has made our company stronger.

Joining the fight against disease and hunger, protecting wildlife, sponsoring men, women and children around the world, supporting victims of natural disasters and human rights issues as well as encouraging the preservation of the environment are just some of the areas we are dedicated and passionate about.

It is everyone's responsibility to support each other and care for the planet we live on. Get involved and make a difference. Giving and volunteering will empower you, make you a better person and redefine your goals in life.  Giving will make you rich in a way money cannot.

How much money you can give or how many hours you have available are not important.  Making a commitment is.

Lincoln Hall Boy's Haven

Founded as a home for Civil War orphans in 1863, Lincoln Hall Boy's Haven has persevered in its efforts to set itself apart from other institutions that provide specialized services for adolescents by concentrating on teaching young men how to learn.  Lincoln Hall serves not only the needs of disadvantaged young men, it also serves the needs of society by promoting academic achievement.

The organization believes that given the chance, these young men have the potential to become responsible citizens who positively contribute to the community.  When given the structure, consistency and a sense of belonging, it is developed in these young men an ability to make incredible transformations.  They are given a desire to learn and succeed.

Lincoln Hall Boys' Haven has implemented the 'Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support' [PBIS] initiative with the support of both the New York State Education Department and the Office of Children and Family Services.  PBIS sets clear expectations in the classroom and in the athletic program - in all facets of campus life.  Its purpose is to recognize students for doing things well.

Visit the website to see how you can make an immediate difference in someone's life today.